Hand and a Half Sword with Scent-Stopper Pommel

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Information for Hand and a Half Sword with Scent-Stopper Pommel:

leather Covered Grip and Leather Scabbard.
Tempered Blade


The Spadona Hand and a Half Sword is based on a sword design out of the mid 1400s. Possessed of a hybrid blade design, this bastard sword is proof that large swords were not only powerful, but that they could also be graceful, swift, and beautiful, too. This sword features a fine steel blade with a half-length fuller and a diamond-shaped cross section, as well as a sharp taper, all of which makes this sword look all the more like a cut-and-thrust sword of deadly capability. The cast-steel guard is wide for defensive ease, while also featuring subtle up-curled quillons, while the leather-wrapped grip is long enough for a two-handed hold (while the blade itself performs well in both one and two handed grips). The whole package is perfectly completed by a stylized scent-stopper pommel, giving the sword a beautiful look that was all the rage when the original was first made. Included with the sword is a wood, leather wrapped scabbard for ease of safe keeping and carrying. Both handy and handsome, this Spadona Hand and a Half Sword is a beautiful arm for any warrior to carry and wield, offering power, speed, and appeal, all in equal measure.


Key Features:


Modeled After a Mid 1400s Bastard Sword

Possesses a Sharply Tapered, Cut and Thrust Style Unsharpened Blade

Has a Wide Guard with a Stylized Scent Stopper Pommel

Includes a Leather Wrapped Wood Scabbard

A Fantastic Training Weapon, Costume Sword, or Display Piece


Manufactured by: DeepeekaMaterials used: Spring Steel Blade

Overall length: 102cm
Blade length: 90cm
Weight: 1.65



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Hand and a Half Sword with Scent-Stopper Pommel

Hand and a Half Sword with Scent-Stopper Pommel