Practical Late Viking Sword

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one of the new ranger of Deepeeka Practical
By the high middle ages, Viking Swords had begun to lose some of their more characteristic features; namely the wide, low-tapering blade and the lobed pommel.
Viking swords began to look more like the characteristic swords of the larger continent.
This is evident in this sword, which has replaced the lobe pommel with the brazil-nut shape and the short, thick crossguard of earlier weapons has thinned and extended into a characteristic medieval cruciform.
This blade however, retains its thick profile, wide fuller and low-taper characteristic of its older ancestral swords.

This late-era Viking sword is made with a blade of high carbon steel.
The hilt fittings are of steel and the grip is tightly wrapped with a strip of spiralled leather.
It comes with a wood-core scabbard covered in dark brown leather and affixed with a wooden suspension loop.
The protective tip cap of the scabbard is steel.
These swords handles have been strengthen by also pinning the handle to the tang
It is also pommel pinned

With Leather-bound Grip and Scabbard. Tempered Blade

Manufactured by: DeepeekaMaterials used: Spring Steel

Overall length: 95cm
Blade length: 78cm
Weight: 1.3



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Practical Late Viking Sword

Practical Late Viking Sword