Lochaber Axe

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Information for Lochaber Axe :

lochaber Axe 
The Lochaber axe was a halberd that came into use in Scotland around 1300. The name of the weapon derives from Lochaber, an area in the western Scottish Highlands, as the weapon was employed principally by the Scottish highlanders, who (generally without any cavalry of their own) required armament against cavalry.

The axe itself is similar to tools used with crops, such as the scythe, which is designed for reaping. The hook on the back bears a passing resemblance to a shepherd’s crook, although within agriculture a smaller hook such as this may have been used in order to lift and carry tied bundles of a harvested crop or pull down tree branches. It is possible, then, that earlier Lochaber axes, like the billhook, served a dual purpose as both weapons and farming tools.

Length of Head: 56cm
Pole legnth: 104cm

Manufactured by: DeepeekaMaterials used: Carbon Steel

Weight: 1.8



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Lochaber Axe

Lochaber Axe