Navy revolver USA manufactured by S. Colt, 1851

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Information for Navy revolver USA manufactured by S. Colt, 1851:

introduced in 1850 and made through 1873, the total production of the Colt Model 1851 revolver was about 255,000 pieces. The cap-and-ball revolver fired six 36 caliber balls, and a loading mechanism was incorporated into the design. This non-firing replica has the handling characteristics of the original, with functional lock and loading mechanisms.

Key Features:

Functional lock/loading mechanisms
Correct size and weight

Samuel Griswold (1790-1867) was an American Industrial Pioneer who owned the most successful cotton gin factory in the USA.

In the American Civil (1861-1865) war the factory was leased to the Confederate army to make pistols and munitions.

The Griswold and Gunnison (Arvin Gunnison was the co-owner of the factory) revolver was a .36 calibre copied almost exactly from the Colt Model 1851 Navy, the main differences being the brass frame instead of steel and the round barrel.

The Civil War did not improve the fortunes of  Griswald and Gunnison for long as the factory was destroyed by General Sherman in 1864

Manufactured by: DenixMaterials used: Zinc Alloy & Wood

Overall length: 35cm



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Navy revolver USA manufactured by S. Colt, 1851