Wind and Thunder Tanto

Swords » Katana ID: SH5003

Information for Wind and Thunder Tanto:

the Katana of the Wind and Thunder set is designed specifically for the martial artist who needs a sword to meet the demands of heavy target cutting. The Katana features a heavier and thicker blade with traditional furniture and fittings. The set features black iron Raiden tsuba and Tomoe motif fuchi and kashira. The tsuka are wrapped in genuine same (ray skin) and the tsuka-ito is premium Japanese black cotton. The saya is finished in a traditional black laquer with a black cotton sageo. The Katana is an excellent choice for batto-jutsu practitioners. See models SH5001 and SH5024 for the Katana and Wakizashi

Manufactured by: CAS HanweiMaterials used: High-carbon steel blade

Overall length: 39.3cm
Blade length: 13.9cm
Weight: 49.8



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Wind and Thunder Tanto

Wind and Thunder Tanto