Golden Oriole Katana

Swords » Katana ID: SH1018

Information for Golden Oriole Katana:

the elegantly simple lines of the Golden Oriole Daisho (SH1018, SH1019) have long been favored by admirers of the Japanese sword. The story told by the stunning tsuba is of a mantis stealthily stalking the cricket, unaware that he is himself being stalked by the Golden Oriole. The deeply lacquered blue of the saya is repeated in the Japanese cotton tsuka-ito, and the Oriole appears again on the kashira. Unmistakably Hanwei quality, the 14” tsuka of the katana gives a superb balance to the sword, allowing it to move very quickly and very freely. Supplied with a protective cloth bag and traditional maintenance kit.

Manufactured by: CAS HanweiMaterials used: Hand forged high-carbon steel

Overall length: 1.073cm
Blade length: 69.2cm
Hilt length: 34.9cm
Weight: 907



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Golden Oriole Katana

Golden Oriole Katana