Royal Corinthian Helmet

Armour » Helmets ID: AH6058R

Information for Royal Corinthian Helmet:

in addition to our Corinthian brass helmet AH6058B (to be found under "Greek or Corinthian Helmet, 600-500 B.C.") 
we can now supply a similar iron black helmet with a beige plume on top. 
It fits almost every head size nicely (it is 25 cms. (10 inches) long and 20 cms (8 inches) wide.
It was handmade from steel and weighs abt. 2.4 kgs.(5 lbs),its overall height is 55 cms.(22 inch)

Manufactured by: DeepeekaMaterials used: Carbon Steel



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Royal Corinthian Helmet

Royal Corinthian Helmet