15th Century Longsword

Swords » Two-handed ID: AH3424F

Information for 15th Century Longsword:

this 15th Century Ring-Hilt Longsword has a blunt blade of EN45 high carbon steel - with its thick blade edges and rounded tip, this sword was meant to be used for stage and sport combat. The guard and pommel are steel and the wooden grip is bound in leather and finished with a half-wrap of twisted steel wire.

The sword is paired with wooden scabbard that is overlaid in leather and finished with steel fittings and steel hanging rings.

Manufactured by: DeepeekaMaterials used: high carbon steel grade EN45

Overall length: 1.15cm
Blade length: 90cm
Hilt length: 25cm
Weight: 1.500g



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15th Century Longsword

15th Century Longsword