Twisted Claymore

Swords » Two-handed ID: AH4113

Information for Twisted Claymore:

the Twisted Claymore, thusly named because of its distinctive grip, is patterned after the great two-handed blades that were commonly used by the English and the early Scottish during their near-constant clan warfare and their brutal border disputes. 
This impressively sized sword has a straight-edged blade, with the edge beginning just above the guard and continuing down until it tapers sharply into an angular point. 
Weight and size mean that this blade crushes as it cuts, while the point is still suitable for spearing and stabbing. 
The guard is made from brass features two downward angled arms that end in quatrefoil designs, while the grip features an elegant and effective twist-pattern. 
The pommel is also brass and features a simple scent-stopper shape. 
This sword does not include a scabbard. A two-handed sword like this Twisted Claymore is designed to move and keep moving, which means that once you start swinging it, you will likely topple any foes you face. And even if you do not plan on fighting with it, this claymore is an impressive specimen that will attract attention no matter how it is displayed.

Key Features:
A Classic and Historical Claymore Design
Features a Long Blade without a Fuller
Pommel and Guard are Polished Brass
Twisted Grip is Simple yet Sturdy
A Fantastic Weapon or Magnificent Display Piece

Manufactured by: DeepeekaMaterials used: High Carbon Steel Blade

Overall length: 137.16cm
Weight: 2.81227



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Twisted Claymore

Twisted Claymore