1796 Pattern British Heavy Cavalry Sword

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Information for 1796 Pattern British Heavy Cavalry Sword:

the blade is tempered high carbon spring steel with a steel hilt and a wood grip bound with cord and covered in leather. 

It comes with its own steel scabbard

A robust backsword, the model 1796 cavalry sword was regarded as too heavy for delicate, gentlemanly swordsmanship - which was precisely why the regiments of Dragoons, Life Guards and Royal Horse Guards liked it. Thick, straight-bladed and powerful, the 1796 sword could cleave through foes with abandon from horseback. Sgt. Charles Ewart of the Scots Greys 2nd Dragoons captured a French Imperial Eagle Standard during Waterloo wielding the 1796 sword. He had to defeat several soldiers fanatically defending the regimental symbol they had pledged their lives to defend. This sword is featured in Bernard Cornwell’s Sharpe novel series as the protagonist, Richard Sharpe of the 95th Rifles, wields this sword in the Napoleonic Wars.

This 1796 Heavy Cavalry Sword blade is made from tempered high carbon steel. The hilt is of steel with a ribbed leather grip. The scabbard is of steel with ring mounts. 

The sword was made by Universal Swords of India. 

Manufactured by: Universal SwordsMaterials used: high carbon spring steel

Overall length: 112cm
Blade length: 89cm
Weight: 118



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1796 Pattern British Heavy Cavalry Sword

1796 Pattern British Heavy Cavalry Sword