1796 Pattern British Sword

Swords » Single-handed ID: RWS140

Information for 1796 Pattern British Sword:

hand forged,tempered and etched blade.
Carved brass hilt-mount and pommel.

Brass knucklebow guard, with 2 kidney shaped shells, one of which folds down.

Wire bound grip.
Black leather scabbard with band & chape of brass

This sword became a regulation British Army pattern after the abolition of the carrying of spontoons (polearms) by both officers and NCO’s.  The Spontoon was used primarily as a symbol of authority and a rallying point in the field of battle and was not actually an effective combat weapon in the field of battle.  The need for a sword that could be used as a proper fighting weapon was seen as essential.

Manufactured by: Universal SwordsMaterials used: high carbon steel grade EN45

Overall length: 95cm
Blade length: 80cm
Weight: 750g



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1796 Pattern British Sword

1796 Pattern British Sword