1805 Pattern Royal Navy Officer’s Sword

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Information for 1805 Pattern Royal Navy Officer’s Sword :

the blade is tempered high carbon spring steel. Carved solid brass hilt. Leather scabbard with embossed brass detail.
Sword Weight: .95kg * Entire Weight: 1.20kg

In 1805, the Royal Navy decided to introduce some uniformity in the swords carried by it’s officers and issued it’s first regulation pattern sword. It was the hilt was influenced by the 1803 Infantry sabre which started to be used by Naval and Royal Marine officers. However a straight blade was settled upon, along with a cavalry style stirrup hilt.


Ever at the forefront of military fashion, Lord Horatio Nelson would have been one of the first to adopt the new pattern and after his death in the famous Battle of Trafalgar, his 1805 pattern sword was returned to England with the rest of his belongings. Today his 1805 sword is on display at the Nelson Museum.

The 1805 pattern sword did not end with Nelson. All officers of the Royal Navy would have been expected to acquire one. The use of the sword continued throughout the Napoleonic Wars, the War of 1812 and after until it was replaced with the 1827 pattern.





Our reproduction offered here beautifully contructed. The grip itself is imitation ivory which is hard to tell from real ivory.

The 32 1/2 inch blade is made of high carbon spring steel (1050), well fullered and has a continuous tang throughout the inside of the hilt. The overall length of the sword, with the scabbard is 39 1/2 inches.

The elegant scabbard is designed to be worn with a frog style shoulder belt or on a sling waistbelt.

This sword is a must for any student of Nelson’s navy!

Manufactured by: Universal SwordsMaterials used: high carbon spring steel

Overall length: 93cm
Blade length: 81cm
Weight: 95



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1805 Pattern Royal Navy Officer’s Sword

1805 Pattern Royal Navy Officer’s Sword