Russian Pistol 19th C

Guns » Flintlocks ID: D1147/L

Information for Russian Pistol 19th C:

for a decoration that will remind you of the simpler more elegant times of firearms, look no further than the Brass Finish Russian Flintlock replica. The pistol is finished in an antiqued brass color and crafted from high quality metals and woods. This pistol looks great with its embossed butt, lock, and barrel. Studying this replicas intricate detailing will be a pleasure for all. The Brass Finish Russian Flintlock is meant for display purposes only, it will not fire blanks or caps. This pistol has a working action and mechanism.


Key Features:

Modeled after pistol from the Caucasus Mountain region

Antique brass finish

Distinctive lock mechanism

Embossed barrel

Embossed butt cap

False ram rod

Wooden stock

This pistol has a working action and mechanism

Manufactured by: DenixMaterials used: Zinc Alloy & Wood



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Russian Pistol 19th C