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Information for MP40 SUB-MACHINE GUN, GERMANY 1940:

mP40 sub-machine gun, 9mm, Germany 1940 (World War II). With leather belt

The German WWII Submachine Gun is patterned after the gun that that allied soldiers came to know and hate. It is a stunning replica of the MP 40 submachine gun, a weapon that was used by countless German troops throughout WWII. On the original submachine gun, the MP 40, also known as the Schmeisser after its creator, Hugo Schmeisser, was the weapon of choice of Waffen-SS, paratroopers, squad leaders, and various other German soldiers. The MP 40 was distinctive in that it fired only on full-automatic, although a skilled operator could control the weapon well enough to aim accurately mitigate the firing rate. This replica recreates this traditional German SMG in stunning detail, utilizing an all-metal zinc construction, which gives it not only a realistic feel and weight, but also a realistic look thanks to its blackened finish. It also possesses an original working action, which means you can lock the mag in, pull the bolt back, and pull the trigger, causing the bolt to slide forward onto the open chamber! Long story short? When you hold this replica, you will feel like you are holding the real thing! The replica also features a folding stock and a removable magazine. It measures approximately 25 inches when folded and 33.5 inches when unfolded. This German WWII Submachine Gun is a must-have for the World War II collector and historian, so pick one up for yourself today if that is you, or consider giving it as a gift to that special someone you know who might have a love of arms of all sorts.


Key Features:

A Detailed Replica of a German MP 40 SMG

Has an Incredibly Real Look and Feel

Constructed from All-Metal Zinc Parts

Features A Working Action, Bolt, and Trigger

Includes an Ejecting Clip and a Folding Stock

A Non-Firing Replica

Manufactured by: DenixMaterials used: Zinc Alloy & Wood

Overall length: 64cm
Weight: 3660g



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