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Information for M1 GARAND RIFLE, USA 1932:

m1 Garand rifle .30 calibre, USA 1932 (II World War)

The M1 Garand is a rifle with a reputation, and a good one at that. This legendary rifle is recreated as a replica in this U.S. WWII M1 Infantry Rifle, which possesses all the look and feel of the real thing, making this a great collectible to have. The M1 Garand was first introduced in 1936, and was called the greatest battle implement ever devised by General George S. Patton. It was the standard service rifle of the U.S. Armed Forces for nearly 20 years, although it saw use until about 1966 until it was fully phased out. Even today, though, it remains a popular firearm that is sought by civilians and soldiers alike, as a target rifle, a hunting rifle, or as a military collectible. This replica does the original justice, possessing a hardwood stock and sturdy metal parts that recreate the original look and feel of the M1 perfectly. It also features moving parts, including a working trigger and slide, which gives this replica a true level of realism that is hard to beat. It measures approximately 43 inches long and has substantial weight, which ensures that when you hold it, you feel like you have the real thing in your hands. Like the original, this U.S. WWII M1 Infantry Rifle makes for a great military collectible, either for your own enjoyment or given as a gift to an enthusiast you know. Unlike the original, it also makes for a killer prop or costume weapon for you to wear and use whenever you don the attire of a soldier, either for gatherings, for reenactments, or for stage production.


Key Features:

A Detailed Replica of a M1 Garand Rifle

Has an Incredibly Real Look and Feel

Features a Hardwood Stock and Metal Parts

Moving Metal Parts Include a Slide and Trigger

Includes a Non-Working Clip

A Non-Firing Replica

Manufactured by: DenixMaterials used: Zinc Alloy & Wood

Overall length: 110cm
Weight: 3480g



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