17th C Pappenheimer Rapier

Information for 17th C Pappenheimer Rapier:

this Rapier pairs the Pappenheim-style hilt with the wider, transitional rapier blade that is suitable for both cutting and thrusting. The blade is forged from high carbon steel and the complex hilt is mild steel. The shell guard is backed with red velvet and the wooden grip is tightly bound in twisted steel wire. A felt tab atop the guard protects it from contact with the scabbard.

The companion scabbard is crafted from wood and overlaid in black leather. The protective chape and locket are of steel.

Manufactured by: DeepeekaMaterials used: high carbon steel grade EN45

Overall length: 118.11cm
Blade length: 100.965cm
Weight: 1460g



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17th C Pappenheimer Rapier

17th C Pappenheimer Rapier