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Tribal Bellydance ATS Balanced for Belly Dance Product Description 

This Turkish scimitar is a bellydancer’s dream. 

Use this sword that’s been specialty balanced as a prop, and throw on your exotic costume for an unforgettable performance. 

If bellydancing isn’t your thing, then take notice of the wooden handle- with a real brass falcon-shaped pommel- and have a perfect display piece for around your house. 

The curved and dull stainless steel blade makes it perfect for balancing on one’s head and it’s safe so you don’t have to worry about children hurting themselves. Whether you’re performing a shamadan dance or just want an awesome sword to parade around, the Bellydancer Sword is for you. 

This sword also comes with a leather sheath for easy storage and transportation. 32 inch overall length 25.5 inch blade length 100% real brass guard and pommel Great for bellydancing tricks Stainless steel blade, real wooden grip handle


Manufactured by: Made for K·OSMaterials used: metal



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Scimitar - dancing