Crecy War Sword - Sharp by Kingston Arms

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single Hand Sword of War - Hollow Ground Blade

The Battle of Crecy is known as one of most prominent of the Hundred Years War and one of the most decisive victories of the English over the French. Though the success was wrought mainly by wood instead of steel, the Crecy War Sword by Kingston Arms represents a considerable amount of time and research in to the specifications of single hand swords of the period, particularly from museum pieces and tapestries. Explicitly crafted to CAS specifications, the Crecy War Sword features a traditional thru-tang, peened pommel handle construction. The forged hollow-ground blade possesses a prominent central ridge that tapers the full length of the 32” blade providing support for the cutting edge. The 4 3/8” cord-wrapped leather grip is counter balanced by the stainless pommel for comfortable single-hand fighting. The stainless arched guard pays homage to the English longbow men who drew victory in the sites of the English King, Edward III. The Crecy Sword comes with a leather-wrapped wooden scabbard and stainless chape. Key Features:


Traditional Thru-tang handle construction

Peened Pommel

Leather wrapped handle and scabbard

Crecy War Sword - Sharp

Manufactured by: CAS HanweiMaterials used: 5160

Overall length: 98.425cm
Blade length: 80.645cm
Hilt length: 10.795cm
Weight: 907.18474



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Crecy War Sword - Sharp by Kingston Arms

Crecy War Sword - Sharp by Kingston Arms