Federschwert Fencing Longsword by Kingston Arms

Swords » Two-handed ID: SM23330

Information for Federschwert Fencing Longsword by Kingston Arms:

based on a period original fencing sword now located in Switzerland, the Kingston Arms Federschwert is a well updated version of the feder originally offered by Hanwei in 2010. This sword now features a much more robust blade from tang to tip as well as a tougher cord wrapped grip. In our testing it holds up well to paired drilling as well as more spirited free play sessions. Re-developed in conjunction with several HEMA groups around the US this updated Federschwert provides an affordable and reliable training sword for longsword fencing practice.


Made by Kingston Arms.



Key Features:


Redesigned Blade for HEMA use

Rolled Tip for Safety

Safe Rounded Edges

Federschwert Fencing Longsword


Overall: 51"

Blade Length: 38"

Handle Length: 12 1/2"

Weight: 3lb 11oz

Point of Balance: 3 1/2"

Thickness at Guard: 8mm

Thickness at Tip: 2.5mm

Blade Steel: 5160

Handle Material: Cord

Manufactured by: CAS HanweiMaterials used: Steel: 5160



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Federschwert Fencing Longsword by Kingston Arms