Crusader Sword

Swords » Single-handed ID: AH6951F

Information for Crusader Sword:

with Leather-bound Grip and Scabbard. 

Tempered Blade


- Light combat (Practical) "F" model is hardened and tempered,has thick (unsharpened) edges (1.5mm to 2mm thick) and the tip of the sword is rounded


 - Regular (Standard) "R" model is hardened and tempered. No thick edges. No rounded tip.


- Handle Material: Wood and leather wrapping

- Scabbard: Real leather with wood core

- Made from high carbon steel grade EN45

Manufactured by: DeepeekaMaterials used: string steel

Overall length: 96cm
Blade length: 79.5cm
Weight: 130g



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Crusader Sword

Crusader Sword