Viking Throwing Spear

Polearms » Spears ID: XH2039

Information for Viking Throwing Spear:

the Nordic warrior frequently carried several light Throwing Spears into combat. This style displays the narrow, sharply pointed head designed to pierce mail. Several spears might be carried in the shield hand in a charge. These were thrown as the distance closed, leaving the warrior free to use his sword or axe in hand-to-hand fighting. 

Historically accurate
Fully functional

Overall length: 15 3/4
Blade length: 9 3/4“
Weight: 8.6oz
Thickness at Guard: .570
Box height: 18”
Box width: 3”

Manufactured by: CAS HanweiMaterials used: Carbon Steel

Overall length: 40cm
Blade length: 24.7cm
Weight: 3.9



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Viking Throwing Spear

Viking Throwing Spear