Roman Cavalry Sword

Swords » Single-handed ID: AH4208

Information for Roman Cavalry Sword:

double edged, tempered blade.
Bone grip with Shesham pommel & guard....very sturdy reproduction of this famous Roman sword, which was developed for use in the cavalry of the Roman empire.
Experts date its origin to the beginning of the 1st century. Later on it was also used by the infantry. Our steel reproduction is in original size and its dimensions are similar to the so-called “Straubing-Nydam” type of Spatha. These swords have blunt edges
 Their blade is equipped with twin fullers making it particularly strong. 

The black leather scabbard is covered with brass furniture including the 4 suspension rings (to be fixed to a leather belt).

Hilt and grip are made up from wood and bone parts looking like i vory. The straight blade is 60 cms./24" long. Total length of sword (blade in scabbard with brass furniture) is 89 cms/35".
total weight : 1.8 kg (4 lbs.)

Manufactured by: DeepeekaMaterials used: Spring Steel

Overall length: 89cm
Blade length: 60cm
Weight: 1.8



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Roman Cavalry Sword

Roman Cavalry Sword