16 Gauge Steel Crusader Flat Top Helmet

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Information for 16 Gauge Steel Crusader Flat Top Helmet:

this battle ready medieval helm was commonly worn by knights in the Middle Ages. Designed after traditional medieval helmets worn by real knights, this style of Crusader helmet is characterized by the ventilated, low neck guard, wide eye-slits and a flat top. Made of 16 gauge high carbon steel and specifically designed to be battle ready (functional use) This Medieval helmet is perfect for collectors or re-enactors.

These are all 16 gauge helmets and are selling for $240 they come with a harness but I feel the harness needs to be reveted to the helm ...If you are head blow
At the moment they are glued ..we can supply cooper revets ...mild steel and brass you can use nails ..email me and I will give you full instruction ....what a deal ...$250

we are always bringing in cheaper helms
If you don’t mind waiting we can get your style made ..........

Manufactured by: Made for K·OSMaterials used: 16 gauge carbon steel



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16 Gauge Steel Crusader Flat Top Helmet

16 Gauge Steel Crusader Flat Top Helmet