Tinker Bastard Sharp with Fuller

Swords » Hand-and-a-half ID: SH2411

Information for Tinker Bastard Sharp with Fuller:

like the Longswords, these Bastard swords are based on the Oakeshott Type XVIIIA and are designed so that both the sharp and blunt versions will perform identically in the hand, offering the possibility of sparring and cutting with swords that feel and respond in exactly the same way. The sharp blade is produced in two slightly different versions, one diamond-sectioned throughout its length and the other almost identical but fullered for about one third of its length The blunt has a longer, broader fuller to compensate for the added edge thickness. The tip of the blunt is sufficiently flexible to provide an adequate level of safety. Wheel-type pommels are sized to provide a grip for the second hand when required, and the straight tapering cross provides excellent hand protection.

Manufactured by: CAS HanweiMaterials used: ?

Overall length: 108.6cm
Blade length: 84.7cm
Hilt length: 23.8cm
Weight: 1179



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Tinker Bastard Sharp with Fuller

Tinker Bastard Sharp with Fuller