Tinker Great Sword of War

Swords » Two-handed ID: SH2424

Information for Tinker Great Sword of War:

new to our Tinker Pearce series of Medieval swords is the Great Sword of War.

The Great Sword of War is designed and crafted purely as a cutting sword and, weighing in at a little less than four pounds, it is built to excel on heavy targets. The 11” grip provides excellent leverage and static and dynamic balance are to Tinker’s demanding standards. The blade is again forged in 5160 and marquenched to HRc50-52. The hilt is retained by Tinker’s signature recessed sleeve mounting system, providing secure retention and easy hilt tightening, using the Allen wrench provided.

Manufactured by: CAS HanweiMaterials used: 5160 Marquenched Spring Steel

Overall length: 1209cm
Blade length: 911cm
Hilt length: 27.9cm
Weight: 1424



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Tinker Great Sword of War

Tinker Great Sword of War