Silver Inlaid Melun Roman Pugio

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Information for Silver Inlaid Melun Roman Pugio:

based on the silver inlaid plate 
from Melun, in France. The handle and scabbard are intricately inlaid with silver. The scabbard is made of wood that is covered with leather.
Each dagger comes complete
with a hardwood velvet-lined
presentation box.

Wght. with scabbard: 970 gms

We can bring it in, your card will be charged when it arrives at best it will take about three weeks to import
If Customs decide to take them we will have to apply for a police permit this could take awhile ( government departments )
The problem being these items can be if they want come under Prohibited imports under
Restrict the importation of offensive weapons
Customs Import Prohibition Order 2008; Customs & Excise Act 1996
(b) Has a double-edged blade that is designed or suitable for stabbing or throwing (as opposed to cutting);

It’s up to each custom officer and how they interpret that small definition. I have had an on going battle with the Minster about this but he has never drawn any lines in the sand

We could safe guard by applying for a permit and wait till we get the go a head
I can do this for you but again there is no time line ( government departments )

Manufactured by: DeepeekaMaterials used: Carbon Steel and silver inlay

Overall length: 38cm
Blade length: 25cm
Weight: 576



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Silver Inlaid Melun Roman Pugio