Roman Mainz Gladius

Swords » Single-handed ID: AH4209

Information for Roman Mainz Gladius:

tempered Blade with a natural bone grip and hardwood pommel and crossguard. On the upper side, the scabbard is entirely covered with embossed brass. 
Overall length with scabbard: 75.5cm

A solid gladius great for Late Republican through Late Second Century AD. This Gladius is full tanged, with over a half inch wide and over a quarter inch thick tang, that only gradual tappers off to a quarter inch in circumference the last two inches for the pommel; solidly constructed.
Wght with scabbard: 1.52kg

Manufactured by: DeepeekaMaterials used: Carbon Steel

Overall length: 73.66cm
Blade length: 53cm
Weight: 920g



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Roman Mainz Gladius

Roman Mainz Gladius