Roman Delos Sword

Swords » Single-handed ID: AH4215

Information for Roman Delos Sword:

straight, double edged, tempered carbon steel blade. Wooden handle
Wooden scabbard covered in leather with brass fittings.

This Deepeeka sword is made up of several parts found in Slovenia, Spain, and France for the blade, and Delos (Greece) for the scabbard from which we derive the name. The hilt is reconstructed after sculptural evidence of brown hardwood. Blade is longer than the later imperial gladii. Scabbard made of wood, leather and brass. Grip made of wood. Great sword for an early impression.

Manufactured by: DeepeekaMaterials used: Spring Steel

Overall length: 82.5cm
Blade length: 64cm
Weight: 1.10g



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Roman Delos Sword

Roman Delos Sword