Roman Gladius

Swords » Single-handed ID: AH3311

Information for Roman Gladius:

double edged, tempered blade. Turned Ash grip with Shesham pommel & guard.

Carried by the Roman legionnairies during the conquest of Europe and Britain up to Hadrian’s wall. 

Our steel reproduction is in original size and its dimensions are similar to the so-called “Pompeii Type”. It is for decoration and roll play. These swords have blunt edges and for show purposes they are "battle worthy".
Weight with scabbard:1.6kg

For legionary it is proper to wear the gladius on the right. It is accepted, that with the wearing of the lorica segmentata, a baldric is required to hang the gladius. There have been no evidence that the baldric had any fasteners of kind, since it could be slip over the head and shoulder. Although attempts to identify cavalry harness fasteners as baldric fittings continue, despite the differences in decoration between infantry and cavalry equipment.

The gladius may also be suspended from it own belt, a second belt. This was more common with earlier periods and only worn with the lorica hamata. This belt would have no apron, and could consist of two frogs to suspend the gladius like the pugio or not. If no frogs were used using leather straps put threw the rings on the scabbard and around the belt would attach the gladius

Only soldiers with the rank of Centurion or better wore their gladius on the left.

Manufactured by: DeepeekaMaterials used: Spring Steel Tempered

Overall length: 73cm
Weight: .96



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Roman Gladius

Roman Gladius