Tinker 9th Century Viking - Blunt

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Information for Tinker 9th Century Viking - Blunt:

while not a direct copy of any particular sword, the Viking sword design was inspired by historical examples from the early 9th Century, most notably finds from the area around Trondheim, Norway, where the circular indentation hilt decoration was popular. The scabbards are provided with suspension points and a period chape, giving the sheathed sword a very attractive appearance. The construction of the Viking "pair" differs from other swords in the Tinker series inasmuch as they are tang-riveted(peened) in period fashion at the pommel, primarily to satisfy Viking re-enactment requirements, and the blunt blade design is very much directed towards re-enactment rather than sparring. However, as with the other swords in the series, replacement blades are available (OH2419, OH2420) and Tinker is offering a blade-replacement and re-peening service for users unable to undertake the task themselves. Again, the handling characteristics of the two swords are virtually identical. CAS has commissioned Michael `Tinker` Pearce to design a line of swords that will satisfy both the sparring and cutting needs of Western Martial Arts practitioners. Matching sharp and blunt versions of each sword in the series offer the same outstanding handling characteristics in both disciplines. The swords meet Tinker`s exacting quality requirements and are built in much the same way as his custom pieces.

Manufactured by: CAS HanweiMaterials used: high carbon

Overall length: 952cm
Blade length: 76.5cm
Hilt length: 16.5cm
Weight: 961.6



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Tinker 9th Century Viking - Blunt