Milanese Suit of Armour, 16G

Armour » Suits of armour ID: AB0063

Information for Milanese Suit of Armour, 16G:

this ‘Milanese’ full-harness displays the characteristic robust and rounded appearance of armour produced in northern Italy throughout the 15th century. Armour of this type incorporates large and smooth glancing surfaces in its construction, the theory being that these rounded surfaces would help to deflect blows from an opponents weapon. Crafted in 16 ga. steel (helmet is 14 ga.) this armor will provide protection for the re-enactor. Included with the armour are the mail skirt, standard and voiders. 

Crafted from 16 Gauge Steel-Helmet, Knees and Elbows are 14 Gauge Steel
Fully Articulated
Wooden Base and Stand Included
Overall length: 72"
Weight: 188lb
Gauge: 16

Specs will vary slightly from piece to piece.

Manufactured by: CAS HanweiMaterials used: Gauge: 16 Steel



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Milanese Suit of Armour, 16G

Milanese Suit of Armour, 16G