Katana 1050 steel brushed harmon

Information for Katana 1050 steel brushed harmon:

this traditional forged Katana was created using 1050 carbon steel, mirror polishing, blade with wire brushed hamon, for kendo practise. tsuka was covered by real ray-skin, the tsuka-ito(handle-wrap) using cotton. copper tsuba and fuchi&kashira
Blade Length: 72cm Kissaki: 4.0~4.1cm
Width:2.4~3.2cm weight: 1100gram.
Tsuka(Handle) Length: 27cm.
Cross section: 6~8mm.

* Black ray-skin
* Blade or tsuka length according to your requirement.
* Saya and ito color
* Other custom option


This is Sword other people have had made
You can choose to Custom any part of the sword 1050 carbon steel: $89.29/piece.
1095 carbon steel/T10 tool steel: $156.27/piece.
1050 folded steel: $234.40 /piece
1095 folded steel: $279.05/piece
Insert steel $200

Real hamon which is from clay harding and it cost $136
Differential hardened wave(notare) hamon(real) from clay hardening
Differential hardened beeline(suguha) hamon(real) from clay hardening
Differential hardened random(midare) hamon(real) from clay hardening

All swords are tempered on request

There are two types of fake harmon .....
Wire brushed hamon(fake)
Chemical Etched hamon(fake)

Blade Type
Shobu zukuri
there are types of Unokubi-Zukuri

kissaki polish separate
kissaki polish with blade
(means one is polished to the edge across the blade the other is with the blade )

GS series price is $198.80
T series price 9s $161
B series price is $66
P series price is $33.50
R series price is $33.50
H series price is $16

Fuchi & Kashira:
C series price is $16.74 set.
S series price is $122.78 set.

No.1-12 price is $5.58 pair.
M series price is $12 pair.

cotton material price is $83.71 /kg.
Silk material $111.62 /kg.

normal saya price is $25.11/piece.
rayskin saya price is $167.43.
If you need saya cover rayskin, and koiguchi,kurikata,kojiri use horn, and cover rayskin on top of saya

Stand: $8.36
Katana Bags & Box:
normal black bag&box $16.74
quality box price is $33.48
white wooden box price is $50.23 set.
Habaki: $8.36piece.

Manufactured by: Made for K·OSMaterials used: any



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Katana 1050 steel brushed harmon

Katana 1050 steel brushed harmon