Imperial Gallic "G" Roman legion helmet (100 AD)

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Information for Imperial Gallic "G" Roman legion helmet (100 AD):

roman helmet in original size. This style of helmet with hinged cheek pieces was used in Roman legions from about 100 A.D. till 400 A.D.If you want to compare our helmet with original helmets, please see Christie’s auction of Nov.6, 2002 lot No. 95 or R.Robinson, "The Armour of Imperial Rome", London 1975.You will find that throughout the centuries helmets in the Roman armies differed in style, but reenactors today prefer the style of our helmet and we trust you will prefer it too. The original helmet was found in the river Rhine near Weisenau, so archeologists have named this type of helmet accordingly. 

A Swiss expert says:
This new Weisenau Gallic G helmet made by Deepeeka is THE helmet for reenactors of Roman legionairies. 
The helmet fits a head size of up to 63 cms.(24.8")
It was handmade from 18 gauge steel, trimmed in brass and weighs abt. 4 lbs.
Deepeeka Exports have sought guidance from armourers, re-enactors and historians from around the World. Dan Petersen (Author of The Book of Roman Legions and Founder of Legio XIV Germinia Martia Victrix) has been particularly influential in the development of the Roman range which includes magnificently crafted helmets, swords, pilums, shields, armour and camp equipment.

Manufactured by: DeepeekaMaterials used: Carbon Steel, Brass



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Imperial Gallic "G" Roman legion helmet (100 AD)

Imperial Gallic "G" Roman legion helmet (100 AD)