Imperial Gallic "H" (Augsburg)

Armour » Helmets ID: AH6053N

Information for Imperial Gallic "H" (Augsburg):

another beautiful tweaking to our good old standby AH6053N has resulted in this beautiful new model, theHA6053N Gallic H. Perfect for nearly any re-enacting unit, of any standard level. Kudos to Armae in France, for their work improving Deepekas helment line! "Imperial-Gallic” helms are based on the type of helmet used by the Gaul’s. These were more decorated than earlier varieties with embossed “eyebrows”, had a re-enforced peak and a ridged extension at the back as a neck-guard. These were initially probably made by Gallic smiths so retained the original influence in construction and design and stretched in use from the late 1st century BC through to the early 2nd century AD. These helmets were mainly made of iron with recesses for the ears and brass decoration including small circular bosses on the helmet and the cheek pieces. The crest holder consisted of a right-angled foot that slid into a tube on the crown of the helmet, although some versions found also have additional decorative plume holders at the ends of the peak. The H has a more sloped neckgard and slightly different eyebrow ridges.

Manufactured by: DeepeekaMaterials used: Carbon Steel



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Imperial Gallic "H" (Augsburg)

Imperial Gallic "H" (Augsburg)