Fluted Buckler, 14G, 15 inches

Information for Fluted Buckler, 14G, 15 inches:

used from the 12th thru the 18th century, the buckler achieved a deserved reputation as both a defensive and offensive arm. Indispensable in both classical rapier play and I.33 sparring, it has become an essential part of the modern swordsman’s equipment. Crafted in 14 gauge steel, all of our bucklers have rolled edges and come in three sizes to meet individual needs.This version features radial embossed flutes for rigidity.. The steel tube grip is securely riveted to the body of the buckler.

Diameter: 15".
Weight: 5 lbs

Manufactured by: CAS HanweiMaterials used: 14 gauge Carbon Steel

Overall length: 38.1cm



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Fluted Buckler, 14G, 15 inches