Practical Plus Katana

Swords » Katana ID: SH2073

Information for Practical Plus Katana:

the Practical Plus Katana provides a very economical cutting sword as dependable as the Practical Katana (SH1070), but using more traditional fittings and construction methods. The blade is forged and differentially hardened in the traditional claying method with a prominent hamon. The Practical Plus features genuine Same (Rayskin) on the Tsuka, with a wrap (Tsuka-Ito) specially developed for its gripping qualities. The long tang is double-pegged for security. The fittings of the Practical Plus are decorated in a Japanese Dogwood motif with lion dog menuki, and the handsome Tsuba is of an iron “sunburst” design with a brass habaki.

Manufactured by: CAS HanweiMaterials used: Hand-forged high-carbon steel blade

Overall length: 102.8cm
Blade length: 69.2cm
Hilt length: 31.1cm
Weight: 1133g



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Practical Plus Katana

Practical Plus Katana