Meijin Katana

Swords » Katana ID: SH5018

Information for Meijin Katana:

the Meijin Katana is an amazing testament to CAS Hanwei quality. The blade is forged-folded T10 high-carbon steel with grooves (bo-hi) on both sides of the blade, which makes for a lighter blade and audible feedback on the cutting stroke. The blade is differentially hardened using a traditional claying method and has a beautiful grain pattern (hada) with visible layers. The Meijin has a very sharp edge and is capable of light target cutting. The tsuka is wrapped in genuine ray skin (same) and the tsuka-ito is premium black Japanese cotton. The black iron square tsuba, fuchi, & kashira are finished in a “Turbulent Ocean” motif. The habaki is a one-piece brass construction. The saya is finished in a beautiful black matte/gloss striped finish extending the length of the scabbard and the sageo is black cotton. The Meijin Katana represents the pinnacle of production quality for Shinken.

Made by Hanwei.

Key Features:

Forge-Folded High Carbon Steel Blade
Black Matte Striped Saya
Exceptional Balance


Overall length: 39 1/2“
Blade length: 28“
Handle length: 10 1/2“
Weight: 2lb
Point of Balance: 5"
Width at Guard: 1.22"
Width at Tip: .80"
Thickness at Guard: .26"
Thickness at Tip: .19"
Sori: 3/4"

Manufactured by: CAS HanweiMaterials used: Forge-Folded High Carbon Steel Blade

Overall length: 1.003cm
Blade length: 71cm
Hilt length: 26.6cm
Weight: 0.907



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Meijin Katana

Meijin Katana