Short Viking Axe (Antique Finish)

Polearms » Axes ID: XH2044N

Information for Short Viking Axe (Antique Finish):

these Hanwei short axes, replicating Viking weapons, are made to withstand throwing, with forged heads and hardened edges. They are well balanced and competition approved. The Short Bearded Axe provided a concentration of power behind a relatively short cutting edge, ideal for punching through any armour of the period in close combat. The Short Viking Axe was useful both on the farm and in battle. It excelled as a close quarters weapon, while still being light enough to throw when necessary.

Key Features:
Historically Accurate
Fully Functional
Hardwood Shaft

Overall length: 25 1/4”
Blade length: 5 1/4”
Handle length: 25”
Weight: 2lb 2oz
Thickness at Guard: .33

Manufactured by: CAS HanweiMaterials used: Forged Head

Overall length: 64cm
Blade length: 13.3cm
Hilt length: 63.5cm



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Short Viking Axe (Antique Finish)