Custom Made Kite shield

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Information for Custom Made Kite shield:

canvas cover 
goat leather or extra $20 for raw hide boarder 
Plain brass tacks 
Fancy boarder tacks extra $20
handle with either steel or platted goat hide
polished Boss extra $50
Brass Boss $90
Leather straps for shoulder and forearm 

By all accounts this is a real shield and can to used for battler  

The painting on the front can be of your own design or found by the king of swords research team.... harder drawings will be at the cost of the customer such as family crests and the like  

approximate 75mm curvature
14mm thick

As these are made from scratch we will be in touch with more details The price given is a base pric,e photo is only a likeness not what is on sale

Manufactured by: Made for K·OSMaterials used: 14mm ply wood

Overall length: 1300cm
Hilt length: 599cm



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Custom Made Kite shield

Custom Made Kite shield