Rukia Sodo Shirayuki katana

Swords » Display Katana ID: ATC-AN-430-RK b

Information for Rukia Sodo Shirayuki katana:

behold the most beautiful sword in Soul Society Sode no Shirayuki. We bring to you the sword of Rukia Kuchiki from the Japanese Anime Bleach.

This sword is exquisitely crafted to be an exact duplicate of the one wielded in the anime. From the white carved and wrapped handle, pure white tsuba and highly polished blade. The blade has been constructed from 440 mirror polish stainless steel and sports a 26.75 inch length. Includes a solid white scabbard and ribbon chain from the hilt. Overall 43.5 inch.

More about Sode no Shirayuki:

Sode no Shirayuki (lit. Sleeve White Snow) Rukia’s Zanpakuto is aligned with the powers of snow and ice. As a sword of pure white hilt, tsuba and even blade it is regarded as the most beautiful sword in all of soul society. Sode no Shirayuki has three abilities which Rukia refers to as dances.First Dance, White Moon Sode No Shirayuki creates an aura of influence and then freezes everything within it in a column of ice for earth to heaven.Next Dance, White Ripple Sode no Shirayuki launches a beam of intense cold and ice from its blade into the enemy Third Dance, White Sword Sode no Shirayuki infuses itself with shards of ice and pierces through the enemy’s armor and freezing everything around and beyond it.

More about Rukia Kuchiki:

Rukia Kuchiki: Rukia is an unseated member of the 13th division of Soul Society and as such has no need of ever taking a potential dangerous or deadly mission all due to her adopted brother Byakuya’s dealings and high rank within soul society. While she has been trained in the use of her Zanpakuto she is more highly skilled in the use of gigai (spells) and has admitted so on many occasions. On one of her early mission into the human world for a routine spirit burial she sneaks into Ichigo’s bedroom and is quite surprised in his ability to see her but is interrupted by the attack of a hollow. After being mortally wounded in the battle she intends to transfer half of her power to Ichigo so that they may fight the creature to together. Unwittingly and unknowingly Ichigo absorbs most of her power and defeats the creature with ease but leaves Rukia very weak upon her return to Soul Society she is healed and taken to stand trial for giving Ichigo her power. It is here that the recurring aspect of her inability to fight results in her being saved by Ichigo, Byakuya and friends on multiple occasions.

Manufactured by: Made for K·OSMaterials used: Stainless Steel

Overall length: 1.104cm
Blade length: 66cm



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Rukia Sodo Shirayuki katana

Rukia Sodo Shirayuki katana