Square Pilum

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Information for Square Pilum:

the Roman trooper typically carried at least one Pilum, a weapon as intrinsic to Roman combat tactics as the short sword. The Roman Pilum had a long, relatively soft iron shaft which, though certainly capable of penetrating its intended target, was likely to bend on striking armor or the ground, thus making it useless to be thrown back. A common tactic when using the Pilum against troops with shields was to pierce the opponent’s shield, whereupon the shaft would bend, making extraction difficult. The opposing soldier, thus encumbered, was likely to throw down his shield, losing his defense against the infamous Roman short sword. Our Pilum is of the traditional flanged type and may be disassembled for ease of transportation to events.

In order to reduce shipping costs, due 
to overall length, this Pilum is shipped
in kit form and will require assembly.

This roman Pilum is forged with a carbon steel point affixed to a hardwood shaft with steel but spike. The steel parts are blackened for an authentic appearance.

Overall Length: 83 1/4’’ Head: 24 3/4’’
3 lb 13 oz

Manufactured by: DeepeekaMaterials used: carbon steel, wood

Overall length: 2.114cm



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Square Pilum

Square Pilum