Viking Sax

Daggers » Period Daggers ID: AH3379

Information for Viking Sax:

wooden handle. Leather Scabbard
Overall Length: 58.5cm

The Viking Sax was an all purpose belt knife or dagger. Used for fighting the Sax was also handy as a camp tool. Our Viking Sax is a great example of a traditional Viking Sax with its offset handle and distinctive knife point. Includes an accurate leather scabbard.

The Viking Sax is typical of the single edged knives used throughout Europe in the Dark Ages. This version is 24 inches long and practically a short sword. The Sax or Seax was made in various sizes, the longest ones evolving into single edged Viking swords. Features an unsharpened carbon steel blade with a full tang design and hardwood grip. Includes a leather belt sheath.

Manufactured by: DeepeekaMaterials used: carbon steel blade

Overall length: 58.8cm



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Viking Sax

Viking Sax